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27/08/2018 19:08
Probables v Possibles | The Sean O'Donnell Cup

Waunarlwydd pay their respects to the unique personality that was Sean O'Donnell, by fielding two sides. An entertaining match of possibles vs probables in the first ever; Sean O'Donnell Cup.Sean was a renowned member of the Waunarlwydd community with his large stature that was dwarfed by his charisma, quick wit and goodwill. He was a kind man, kindness is defined as: "a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and a concern for others" which sums up Sean perfectly. The game was a great spectacle where the ball was thrown about and some excellent .....


Christian Davies @rustycd46
16/09/2018 08:22:01
Nice to have a one point game go in Waunarlwydd's favour @Ammanford_Rugby 28 @waunrfc 29 https://t.co/rJBfQU0DYN
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Waunarlwydd RFC @waunrfc
15/09/2018 16:33:14
Full Time 1stXV Score: Waun 29 @Ammanford_Rugby 28 Great win for the boys! 💚🖤 #WM


Waunarlwydd RFC @waunrfc
15/09/2018 15:58:17
Full Time Youth Score: Waun 10 @morriston_rfc 31 💚🖤 #WM


Waunarlwydd RFC @waunrfc
15/09/2018 15:29:42
Half Time 1stXV Score: Waun 12 @Ammanford_Rugby 15 💚🖤 #WM