31 July 2016 / Club News

Development update

As it is just a year since we received the planning approval for our proposed development at the club, and there have been comments that nothing has happened, or it is never going to happen. The Directors thought that we should update people on what has happened. This information was available at the recent AGM and discussed at that meeting.


As stated previously, it is a year that we received the formal planning permission for the proposed development. What has happened, well there has been no movement on the pitch, no diggers, no steelwork. Well we can tell you some of the work and effort that has been going on


It took us a year to receive the planning application as we had numerous surveys and meetings, with ecologists, geotechnical, highway engineers, drainage engineers, architects, builders so that was an extensive operation in itself.


Following that, and only after planning was received could we speak to the WRU about grants and funding, so this year, the club secretary and Chairman have had several meetings, and numerous correspondence with the WRU. This resulted in an agreed strategy of which funding route to follow, and that is that we would pursue a £500k lottery grant application.  As you can imagine the forms for that application are not that simple and need some thought. We have spoken to several other people who have completed such applications, and have met with Morriston RFC and some Swansea City Council employees to prepare a draft. This form is now complete and awaiting submission.


Whilst having discussions with the WRU we realised changes had to be made, as we would have to be a CASC registered club to receive such a grant. This in turn meant we had to be a limited company, and hence the reason we have now formed a Limited Company of Waunarlwydd RFC. This process in turn had implications. We have had to resign from the WRU and reapply as the limited company. We also had to transfer the club assets form the old club to the limited company, and we have had to take legal advice to ensure that the transfer of assets (the land) did not attract capital gains tax.


Whilst transferring assets we found we have some old charges on land and assets that had to be removed prior to incorporation.


We have also had to change bank accounts, and set up new accounts with all of our suppliers, HMRC, numerous tax and council bodies.


Whilst this has been going on, we have also tried to utilise the contacts of the President, Chairman, and other club members to meet and discuss options and alternatives with developers, to try and sell the land. Unfortunately, none of these developers wanted to take this further, so we have now instructed Dawson’s to market the development formally.


As you can see the Directors (former committee)  have had a lot to do with the proposed development, this has sometimes distracted them from their regular duties that have to be undertaken. That coupled with a dwindling committee has put extra pressures on the committee. We need help! Yes some of you have done it before, yes some of you have jobs, and yes some of you have family. So do all of the Directors and committee, but as the saying goes, ''many hands make light work''. Lets all make this happen together, be part of improvements to your community and our club.

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